Let LHAS sponsor your grades 3-5 classes!

Audubon Adventures offers a wide choice of

classroom kits for your community's schools.

Formats include pre-packaged theme kits,

"build your own" kits, and, new for 2014-15, a

"Digital Plus" option. A Digital Plus

subscription is web-based and also

includes a classroom poster.

INTRODUCING: Birds; Bees, and

Neighborhood Biomes; a "Digital Plus"

Classroom Kit with the following topics:

• Wild About Birds: the science of birds,

including their characteristics and adaptations, habitat needs, migration, and life cycles.

• The Buzz about Native Bees: the natural history of native bees and their vital role in ecosystems as pollinators of native plants.

• Neighborhood Birds & Other Wildlife: familiar urban/suburban birds and other wildlife, how they interact with the built environment, and ways in

which kids can help their wild neighbors.

• PLUS "Birds on the Move" classroom poster on bird migration.

Printed Audubon Adventures kits are also available. Choose from among

eight kits:

• Sharing Our World with Birds: Seabirds; Hummingbirds; Raptors; Caring for Our Planet: Join in the Action

• Exploring Ecosystems: Sharing Our Shores; The World of the Forest; Grasslands/Prairie; Caring for Our Planet: Cleaner, Greener Communities for All

• Feathers, Fur, Fins and You!: Pollinators; Wild Alaska; Rivers; Caring for Our Planet: Kids are making a difference


• Wildlife on the Move: Bird Migration; Monarch Butterfly Migration; Marine Migration; "Action for Planet Earth!"

• Caring for Our Planet: Energy; Water; Habitat

• Feats of Nature: Animal Defenses, Animal Builders, Animal Migration and Plant Adaptions

• Wings and Things: Bats, birds and bees plus meet America's first naturalist artist John James Audubon

• Cool Critters: Waterbirds, dragonflies & damselflies, turtles & tortoises, and spiders

You can even "Build Your Own Classroom Kit": select any four-lesson packets from a choice of 38 topics.

For more information and to order your kit, contact:

Education Chair, Donna Rose Smith,

Audubon Adventures

LHAS Scholarships

The Litchfield Hills Audubon Society (LHAS) offers a $2,000 academic scholarship for those students who have been accepted in college programs specializing in environmental studies or a related field.

The LHAS Higher Education Scholarship is open to a graduating high school senior or a graduate of a high  school who resides in the LHAS area (Litchfield County). Eligibility requirements are listed on the front page of the application.

Applicants can obtain an application from their respective high school guidance office, by downloading the application form from the link provided or by contacting Harry Schuh at 860-485-9018 or email: Completed applications must be received no later than Friday, April 27, 2018 for the up coming college semester year commencing in August/September. A special scholarship committee will choose recipients based on qualifications and needs.

LHAS wishes all high school graduates success and the very best in all future endeavors. Education is the key to unlocking your potential.

LHAS Scholarship Application

University or College Scholarship