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Our Mission Statement

The mission of the Litchfield Hills Audubon Society is to conserve and restore natural ecosystems, focusing on birds, other wildlife and their habitat, for the benefit of the community, through conservation, education and research.


Litchfield Hills Audubon CALENDAR—2019/2020

LHAS—Meetings and Events

BIRD WALKS and EVENTS for 2019:


LHAS—Meetings and Events
LHAS—Meetings and Events

January 6 . . . . General Meeting

Monday, 7:15 p.m.

Program: Bird Feathers

Storm Songe will present a program on feathers — have you ever wondered how to ID them? How to tell tails from wings, owl from hawk, and Blue Jay from bluebird feathers? You will get to feel real turkey feathers (maybe even a full wing!) and learn how turkeys' weight and build is different from those of birds of prey . Have feathers? Bring them to the program! Storm, a life-long Connecticut resident, has been birding since she was 14 years old. Until recently a park ranger for the town of Ansonia, teaching environmental education at the Ansonia Nature Center, Storm now is a nature mentor for Two Coyotes Wilderness School, helping children connect to each other, themselves, and nature while being immersed in the wild lands of Connecticut. You can also find Storm off-trail in search of birds, gathering nuts and berries to make dye, crocheting tiny animals, painting with ink, and pishing-off the local birds!

February 3 . . . . General Meeting

Monday, 7:15 p.m.

Program: Tracking with Andy Dobos

Interpreting the tracks and signs of wildlife gives us insight into the mostly unseen stories of the lives of our animal neighbors. Naturalist, educator, and certified wildlife tracker Andy Dobos will give a slideshow talk on how to interpret these signs using examples of mysteries he has come across in the snow and dirt. Andy grew up right here in Litchfield. He is a master mentor for Two Coyotes Wilderness School and runs his own programs in tracking, wilderness skills, and crafts under the name The Forest Wolf. He has over a decade of experience guiding people to a deeper connection to the natural world. Learn more at Andy has also agreed to lead a walk around White Memorial the following Sunday, February 9, looking for tracks of local denizens . See Birding Events and Field Trips below for details .

January 21 . . . . LHAS Board of Directors Meeting

Tuesday, 7:15 p.m.

December 15. . . . Sunday, All Day

Annual Christmas Bird Census

The Christmas Bird Census this year will take place on Sunday, December 15. The more avid will be out
listening for owls. Area Captains are listed in the Nov/Dec issue of the Chickadee Chatter newsletter. If you want help, contact one of them directly or phone Ray Belding at 860-482-4046 and he will put you in contact with the appropriate person. As usual, we’ll meet at the Carriage House at White Memorial for compilation and pizza around 5 p.m.

Happy Birding!

December 22. . . . Sunday, 9:00 a.m.

Shepaug Dam Bald Eagle Observation Area

Join us on Sunday, December 22, as we visit Shepaug Dam in Southbury, on Lake Zoar, to observe our National bird, the Bald Eagle, in its full glory, plus rafts of Common Mergansers and Black Ducks, with various other avian treats thrown in. Reservations are required to visit the Eagle Observatory (Russ Naylor will make the reservations for the group). Group size is limited to 15 or so, on a first-come, first served basis. Meet at 9 a.m. at the Canfield Corner Pharmacy, 2 Main St. N (junction of Rt. 6 (Main St.) and Rt. 47, in Woodbury. Rain or Snow cancels.

For details and to reserve your place for this event, contact Russ Naylor at: 203-841-7779

BIRD WALKS and EVENTS for 2020:

January 18. . . . Saturday, 8:30 a.m.

Shorebirding for Waterfowl and Rarities

January is always full of surprises — once again, let’s see what unusual birds are showing up at the shore. We will meet in Stratford (exit 30 off I-95 north) at the Dunkin Donuts (now called DD) on Route 113/Lordship Boulevard at the corner of Honeyspot Road. We will check out the local hotspots including Long Beach, where the ice piles up in huge mounds on the sand; Stratford Point (if open) to watch for gannets and maybe even alcids out on the Sound, and the Birdseye Boat Launch. Let’s hope for Snowy Owls! King Eiders? Harlequin Ducks? It probably will be cold and windy, so come prepared!

To register or for more information, including how to carpool, contact Angela Dimmitt in advance: 860-355-3429 or Snow or rain date: Sunday, January 19.

January 26. . . . Sunday, 9:00 a.m.

Shepaug Dam Bald Eagle Observation Area

Join us as we visit the observatory. The main focus will be our national bird, the Bald Eagle, but we'll also likely see an abundance of Common Mergansers and Black Ducks, with various other avian visitors to add spice to the mix. Reservations are required (Russ Naylor will make the reservation for our group .) Group size is limited to 15 or so, so call soon to sign up .

For details and to reserve your place for this event, contact Russ Naylor at: 203-841-7779

February 9. . . . Sunday, 10:00 a.m.

Tracking with Andy Dobos at White Memorial Foundation

Following Monday’s presentation on tracking, Andy will lead a two-hour walk around the White Memorial Foundation in search of signs of the local denizens. Meet in the museum parking lot.

Attendance will be limited, so to reserve your place for this walk, contact Angela Dimmitt at 860-355-3429.

February 15 . . . Saturday, 9-11 a.m.

Great Backyard Bird Count at Boyd Woods Sanctuary

Boyd Woods continues to be one of the best hotspots in Litchfield County for bird species counted over the entire four-day period of the Great Backyard Bird Count. Please join Rich and Debbie Martin at the sanctuary to participate in this important annual event. We’ll be sure to see many birds at our well-stocked feeders, but we’ll also venture out on the trails to explore other habitats (clearcuts, conifer plantation, pond, and brook) to search for unusual species. Meet at the Boyd Woods Sanctuary parking lot on Route 254 in Litchfield. Dress warmly, wear boots (be prepared for icy trails! Last year, ice was a problem, and only those who had Yak Trax or something similar were able to safely walk), and bring binoculars. Snow or rain cancels this walk .

For more information contact Debbie Martin at or 860-819-7462.

February 21-23 . . . Friday-Sunday

Birding Around Newburyport and Cape Ann, MA

Dave Tripp will once again escort LHASers around the Newburyport, Amesbury, and Salisbury areas in search of wintering northern birds. In the past, this trip has seen rare birds like Great Gray Owl, Boreal Chickadee, Varied Thrush, Townsend’s Solitaire, and Harris’ Sparrow. Other uncommon birds encountered in the past are Short-eared Owls, “white-winged” gulls, Barrow’s Goldeneye, Rough-legged Hawks, and Northern Shrike. An added bonus is a day trip to Gloucester and Rockport on Cape Ann, which may add Razorbills, Thick-billed Murres, Harlequin Ducks, Black Guillemots, and more gulls and waterfowl.

We will stay at the Fairfield Inn at Amesbury. Check websites like or to find the best rate.

If you are interested in going, email Dave at