Litchfield Hills

Audubon Society

A local chapter of the National Audubon Society


Our Mission Statement

The mission of the Litchfield Hills Audubon Society is to conserve and restore natural ecosystems, focusing on birds, other wildlife and their habitat, for the benefit of the community, through conservation, education and research.

Membership in the National Audubon Society brings the added benefits of an automatic membership in the Litchfield Hills Audubon Society and a subscription to the award-winning, bimonthly National Audubon magazine, an excellent source for national and international environmental news and views.

To join, visit the National Audubon Society website to sign-up using the on-line form provided. New members can use a credit card to pay for their Audubon membership, and 100% of your first years membership fee will go to LHAS. Click on the link below to enroll on-line.


  1. Educational programs

  1. Bird walks

  1. Junior Audubon

  1. Workshops

  1. Bird counts

  1. Monthly programs

  1. Work days at local sanctuaries

  1. Field Trips


Our chapter holds monthly meetings with speakers and presentations on a wide range of environmental topics. All Litchfield Hills Audubon’s meetings and activities are open to the public. JOIN US for:

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